Aug 262012

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Photos (clockwise from top left): Kate Middleton, Stacy Keibler, blogger Wendy, Constance Jablonski, N/A, Lily Collins. Courtesy of;;

Bold colors are having their moments this fall/winter. As a classic bright color, red is no exception. Last time we focused on red bottoms (different styles of red skirts), today we will continue to focus on red, but at the top–I want to share with you some stylish and glamorous looks incorporated red tops, blazers and coats. Continue reading »

Apr 222012

Summer is around the corner, I really want to take the time and dedicate myself to a series posts about timeless white essentials. My first pick is white blazers. In my previous post, I shared with you five stylish ways of pairing white blazer with black pieces. By adding different accessories or trying the different materials or cuts of the blazer, we can achieve totally different styles.

Today, in our part 2 of white blazer series, I want to share with you how to rock white blazers with colorful or interest and fun pieces: from stripes and prints, from solid colors to romantic floral, from shorts to skirt, from leather to denim…There are so many lessons we need to learn.

Lesson 1 is from Miranda Kerr and Michelle Williams. Both of them were using the same style “formula”(I hate to use the word “formula” or “rule” when it comes to fashion, my only rule is looking good,having fun. But let’s just use this word to express the similar fashion ideas or the easy ways to pair certain garments): stripes+bold solid color+white blazer=eye catching fresh look. The white blazer can turn down the intense contrasts, also add a crisp touch to the outfit.

Miranda Kerr and Michelle Williams paired white blazer with bold colored and stripe pieces

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