Apr 302014
1930s Glamour

TweetPhotos: Kate Moss & Nicole Richie; Courtesy of Xposure Photos, US Vogue. At first glance, it may seem like the two stars are stepping out from a 30s movie, especially with the bias cut maxi gown Kate Moss wore which she designed for Topshop since their last collaboration four years ago. Besides Topshop’s website and stores, Nordstrom and Net-A-Porter also carry

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Apr 292014
Retro Flair

TweetPhoto: Taylor Swift; Courtesy of facebook/ILoveTaySwift. Combined new trend (the hot indigo blue) with retro elements, like the ladylike shoulder bag that she seems can’t-live-without and dressy oxfords, plus her signature red lips, Taylor Swift showed us how to catch up with trends while staying true to ourselves. In Chinese: 在自己的日常着装中引入一两个应季的流行元素是保持潮感又不会看起来太过的好贴士,就像小天后泰勒·斯维芙特(Taylor Swift)示范的,这一季大热的靛蓝恰到好处地和她一贯复古的装扮以及标志性的红唇融合在一起。 Clockwise from top left: M2Malletier clutch (finally back

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Apr 272014
Sunday Craving

Tweet As temperature rises, the key to dressing chic without the layers is choosing pieces that are versatile and full of character. A great and affordable choice is graphic tee. It stands alone thanks to the eye-catching patterns and text messages, also serves as a fun touch when worn under a blazer. Above are some of my

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