Sunday Craving Craving Graphic Tees, Christopher Kane, RED Valentino and more

As temperature rises, the key to dressing chic without the layers is choosing pieces that are versatile and full of character. A great and affordable choice is graphic tee. It stands alone thanks to the eye-catching patterns and text messages, also serves as a fun touch when worn under a blazer. Above are some of my favorites this season..

In Chinese: 天气渐渐热起来,没有层叠的混搭可以玩,保持潮感的关键就在于选择有性格、吸引眼球的单品了,涂鸦T恤就是一个不贵、又有无穷拓展空间的好选择。有趣或大胆的图案、标语单穿就很有存在感,搭在西装外套里也给正式严肃的造型增加些趣味。这几件是我最喜欢的。

Clockwise from top left:
Christopher Kane (also here)
RED Valentino
Tee And Cake
Mother of Pearl