Feb 262014
Transitional Dressing: Faux Fur Jacket

TweetPhotos: Olivia Palermo & Kate Bosworth; Courtesy of akmgsi.com Light colored faux fur jacket is a great transitional piece for early spring when we need that lightness and cheerfulness but still want to stay warm and cozy in unexpected chill weather. Here, Olivia Palermo & Kate Bosworth both chose jeans to dress down the luxe vibe of fur while

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Feb 242014
Power Dressing: Oversized Coat

TweetPhotos: Poppy Delevingne; Courtesy of vogue.fr, gettyimages.com. Oversized coat is very nostalgic for me. For some reason, I associate it with wisdom and power, especially when the collar is up, the hem is flying with every step…maybe I watched too much Detective Conan in middle school. Back to today’s featured outfits, I love how Poppy Delevingne added a fun and feminine flair to

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Feb 222014
Front Row Style

TweetPhotos: Olivia Palermo; Courtesy of oliviasstyle.blogspot.com, wenn.com. Front row style “requires” sophisticated outfits with a bit of luxe touch and a lot of fun. I love style savvy, front row “expert” Olivia Palermo achieved that by using colored fur stole, luminous print, unexpected mix and match, and sleek basics to balance them out.  We may not get the opportunity

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