Gemstone of The Peoples: The Charm of Turquoise

Without a doubt, my favorite jewelry piece in this year’s Golden Globe Awards is Heidi Klum’s turquoise necklace. Not just for its charm of this million-dollar necklace but also for the fresh contrast between her bold necklace and sleek nude dress.

Hedi Klum and her Lorraine Schwartz turquoise necklace

From the picture below, you can see how this necklace dramatically changed the whole look. The Behind-the-Scenes Story of this look was revealed by Heidi Klum herself here.

Hedi Klum is preparing for Golden Globes 2012

As one of the most beloved gems, turquoise was brought to Europe around 16th century. Turkey exported this beautiful stone to France. I think French people loved it most, so they named it “turquoise”, which means Turkey in old French word. People’s love of turquoise can date from thousands of years ago. In many cultures, turquoise is considered as a holy stone.

Nowadays, Turquoise Jewelry seems very accessible, but sadly, most low-priced ones are synthetics.  Fine turquoises are very rare and valuable-that’s why this kind of stone can be prized as a gem.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing turquoise necklaces in the past few years:

Cameron Diaz in 2010
Megan Fox in 2009

Actually, new UK Vogue includes a gorgeous picture that Carmen Kass shoot in the desert. Among all the eye-catching jewelry pieces she was wearing, my eyes was caught by this stunning dominique denaive blue resin link necklace.

Carmen Kass shoot in the desert (from UK Vogue May 2012)

Other Designer Turquoise necklaces I adore, check them here, here and here:

Kate Spade New York Solarium Necklace
Aurelie Bidermann Turquoise Necklace
Reversible Cleopatra Bib

Affordable choices from Kenneth Jay LaneKendra Scott, Ralph Lauren LAUREN and Forever21

Kenneth Jay Lane Turquoise Stick Necklace
Kendra Scott Harlow Necklace
Ralph Lauren LAUREN Turquoise Beaded Necklace
Forever 21 Turquoise Necklace

Last but not least, turquoise, even the finest one, can be easily broken.The hardness of turquoise gem is just slightly more than window glass. So be sure to take care of yours and enjoy!

By Helen Hou

I'm Helen. In the huge fashion world, what attracts me the most is the way different people accessorize themselves. Our daily outfit choices are not just about the pieces we pick, they relate to something lurking deeply within our hearts: how we feel about ourselves, how we express ourselves to the rest of the world, what kind of people do we want to be and what kind of life do we want to live. Following my passion for fashion, I immerse myself in this bizarre world and try my best to share what I learned with you!