Summer Chic: Plaids & Checks

Olivia Palermo style 2014; how to wear plaids and checks; menswear trend

Photos: Olivia Palermo; Courtesy of

 An unexpected, crisp and oh-so-chic summer look from Olivia Palermo. We have seen her in mixed checks here. For this look she combined them with another classic pattern–plaids. The various directions of the lines add charm and modern vibe to the look. Menswear loafer toughens up the flowy shirt and flirty peplum hem skirt while an embellished clutch bag adding just right amount of color, glamour and luxe touch. This is a very versatile look that is great for casual or dressy occasions.

In Chinese: 又一个来自纽约街拍女王奥利维亚·巴勒莫 (Olivia Palermo)的清爽夏日搭配。还记得上次她穿小方格的造型吗?这次她把两种完全不同的格纹混搭在一起,线条的变化给黑白色的单品注入了动感。男士风的尖头皮鞋平衡了小女人味的褶边迷你裙串珠和流苏装饰的宝蓝色手包加入了恰到好处的色彩点缀和奢华感。这个造型休闲正式皆相宜,帅性又不失甜美。

Olivia Palermo style 2014; how to wear plaids and checks.  Clockwise from top left:   Shirt: Rails Hunter Button Down Shirt (also love the cuffed sleeve version)  Skirt: ASOS Scuba Peplum Hem Skirt In Check Print (20% off with PARTYINTHEUSA)  Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Two Tone Sunglasses (similar here)  Bag: Emilio Pucci Embellished satin clutch (on sale! similar here)  Nail: Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Nail Polish   Shoe: Prada Black Leather Pointed Toe Heel Loafers (similar here & here  here)

Clockwise from top left:
Shirt: Rails (also love the cuffed sleeve version)
Skirt: ASOS (20% off with PARTYINTHEUSA)
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (similar here)
Bag: Emilio Pucci (on sale! similar here)
Nail: Bobbi Brown
Shoe: Prada (similar here & here)


By Helen Hou

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