Jul 132014

 Q: I’m going to Beijing this October, how can I stay comfy and warm while still looking chic? I’m pretty petite and not fit, carrying some weight around midsection as well as upper thighs. It would be great if you could also provide some fashionable gift ideas for my colleagues there!

A: Hi there! How exciting about your coming trip! October is a very pleasant month in Beijing with an average temperature of 22°C (71.6 °F). Considering the varying temperature between takeoff and landing, the key is layering. Below I put together an outfit for you (I included two types of shoes that both work, choose one you like!) as well as some gift inspiration, I hope it helps! Wish you a safe and comfortable journey!

Comfy Chic Travel Outfit Idea

Clockwise from top left:

Gift ideas: 

fashionable gift ideas for him and her


 For her: 
Yurbuds ‘Inspire for Women’ Earbuds
Archipelago Botanicals Signature Soy Wax Candle
Sunny Life Beach Radio

For him: 
Das Horn Drinking Horn
 Braun Square Alarm Clock (Although it’s been said that Chinese might not appreciate a clock, I personally think it depends, and this one is too chic to pass!)
Hand Pen Holder