Orange Is the New Black

celebrities style 2014; office outfit ideas; wardrobe essentials.

Photos: Mandy Moore & Jessica Alba; Courtesy of WENN, Getty Images.

Tips for adhering to a dress code and still be absolutely fashion forward? Playing with accessories! As showed above, it’s that splash of bright elevated these outfits. The small clutch and enviable colorblock pumps on Mandy Moore can help you transform from desk to dinner with ease while the roomy orange/red bag looks as good with a T shirt and slouchy jeans for weekends as it is with a blazer and pencil skirt for the office.

In Chinese: 既要遵守办公室的着装要求,又想展现好品味或者给无聊的制服增加些趣味?那就多花些心思在配件上吧!拼色的、有设计感或有趣的小配饰对整体造型的提升会超出你的想象。比如上面这两个造型,去掉这几个红色、橘色的装点就很平乏了。曼迪·摩尔(Mandy Moore)的这个小手包和让人过目不忘的别致包鞋可以让你从办公室到晚上的约会转换得轻松自如。辣妈杰西卡·奥尔芭(Jessica Alba)的这个好看又实用的双色手包在周末时搭配T恤牛仔裤也一样出彩!

celebrities style 2014; office outfit ideas; wardrobe essentials.  Featured:  1. Equipment Brett Shirt  2. Halogen Patent Leather Clutch  (on Mandy Moore on sale here!)  3. Joseph's sleek black pencil skirt (wardrobe staple! similar here & here)  4. Jimmy Choo 'Lekker Spectator' Pointy Toe Pump

1. Equipment Brett shirt
2. Halogen clutch  (on Mandy Moore on sale here!)
3. Joseph sleek pencil skirt (wardrobe staple! alternatives here & here)
4. Jimmy Choo ‘Lekker Spectator’ pump (a few left here! similar here & here)

celebrities style 2014; office outfit ideas; wardrobe essentials.  Featured:  1. Theory Jannison Blazer (also here; great alternative here)  2. Narciso Rodriguez Tomato/Cayenne leather and suede Trapezoid duffel (60% off now! similar here here)  3. Boss Hugo Boss 'veronice' Tropical Wool Skirt ($69 here)  4. Jimmy Choo 'Abel' Pump (Exclusive Color)

1. Theory Jannison blazer (also here; great alternative here)
2. Narciso Rodriguez trapezoid duffel (60% off now! similar here)
3. Boss Hugo Boss skirt ($69 here)
4. Jimmy Choo ‘Abel’ pump (great alternative here)

By Helen Hou

I'm Helen. In the huge fashion world, what attracts me the most is the way different people accessorize themselves. Our daily outfit choices are not just about the pieces we pick, they relate to something lurking deeply within our hearts: how we feel about ourselves, how we express ourselves to the rest of the world, what kind of people do we want to be and what kind of life do we want to live. Following my passion for fashion, I immerse myself in this bizarre world and try my best to share what I learned with you!