Instagram Style: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner style 2014; all black outfits; Photos: Kendall Jenner; Courtesy of Instagram/kendalljenner.

I came across this stunning selfie of Kendall Jenner on her Instagram, and can’t help sharing it with you. For a formal lunch or dinner, we usually think of dresses, but dramatic wide-leg pants or jumpsuits are unexpected and fresh. For accessories, the quintessential stiletto, minimalist jewelry and tousled hair are the way to go.

In Chinese: 在肯达尔·詹娜(Kendall Jenner)的Instagram照片中看到这个造型后,就很想和你分享。一般在参加正式的午餐或晚宴时,我们都会选择小洋装或长裙,其实很有气场的阔腿裤连身裤是个与众不同、新颖又不失女人味的好选择。配上高跟鞋拉长身形,极简的配饰和随性的发型更有现代感。

Kendall Jenner style 2014; all black outfits;   1. Alice + Olivia Eric Wide Leg Pants (similar here)  2. ASOS Crop Top with Plunge Neck  3. Lavett & Chin Sea Salt/Texturizing Mist  4. Manolo Blahnik Pachacry Jeweled Cap Toe Pumps (similar here & here)

1. Alice + Olivia wide leg pants (similar here)
2. ASOS crop top (or this long-sleeve version)
3. Lavett & Chin hair mist (my go-to for texturizing & volumizing!)
4. Manolo Blahnik jeweled pump (similar here & here)

My favorite wide-leg pants & jumpsuits:

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By Helen Hou

I'm Helen. In the huge fashion world, what attracts me the most is the way different people accessorize themselves. Our daily outfit choices are not just about the pieces we pick, they relate to something lurking deeply within our hearts: how we feel about ourselves, how we express ourselves to the rest of the world, what kind of people do we want to be and what kind of life do we want to live. Following my passion for fashion, I immerse myself in this bizarre world and try my best to share what I learned with you!