Apr 062012
Futuristic Chic: Stylish yet Versatile Metallic Gold Belt

TweetDuring economic recession like this year, I always want something glitter that can cheer myself up, also give me the hope and power that I need, that’s why I love love gold pieces. As heritage from medieval period, metallic pieces combines retro and modern, luxury and powerful. Since 2008 till now, metallic pieces never go out of style.

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Apr 052012
Be Optimistic, Stay Strong: Bright Yellow Quilted Chanel Bag

TweetDo you believe a luxury brand can grow and bloom during wars when it’s even hard for people to stay safe? Well, Coco Chanel believes and her business grew strongly during the First World War. In her opinion, women should carry themselves well and look good to support their husbands, I think what more important

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Apr 042012
When rock meets romance: Valentino T-strap studded pumps

TweetBack in 2010, when Kate Moss rocked her black simple yet sexy black pointed toe shoes with everything, this 90’s trend gets stronger and stronger. We can see a lot on 2012 spring/ summer runway. While others are enthralled by this trend, I still stand away from it for the harshness and mature look until I

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