Mini Trend: Schutz Caged Sandal

Olivia palermo street style Schutz Juliana Caged Sandals, Hayward Python Foldover Tote

Photos: Olivia Palermo; Courtesy of Star Style, Olivia Palermo Lookbook.

fashion blogger atlantic pacific blair eadie wears Schutz Juliana Caged Sandals

Photos: Blair Eadie; Courtesy of

Lately, the most sought after shoes on social media all lead to one name: Schutz. This of-the-moment Brazil footwear brand is deeply loved by fashion savvies like Olivia Palermo and famous fashion bloggers like Blair Eadie. Trendy design, great craftsmanship and wallet friendly price make it a must-have this season! Grab a pair to make all of your old wardrobe goodies look fresh and new again!

In Chinese: 最近在各大社交媒体上点赞最多的鞋子几乎全都来自同一个品牌:Schutz。旋风式的口碑传播让这个巴西的品牌成为了时尚圈内人士谈论最多的名字。从社交名媛奥利维亚·巴勒莫(Olivia Palermo)到知名博主 Blair Eadie都迷上了它的鞋子。也是,时尚的设计、上乘的做工再加上平民的价位,想不火都难。挑一个你喜欢的颜色,让衣橱里的经典单品焕发新的生机吧!

Get a pair of yours herehere.