Denim On Denim

 spring summer 2014 outfit ideas; how to wear denim on denim,  Models off duty

Photos: Miranda Kerr; Courtesy of AKM-GSI.

There are many ways to rock the denim-on-denim trend: 1. Mix up the shades. Personally, I prefer wearing darker shade on the top, lighter on the bottom, as it’s more unexpected; 2. Mix up textures, like the patchwork and ripped details seen on Miranda Kerr here; 3. Matchy-matchy. This is the hardest to pull off in my opinion, since the combo may make us look dated. Accessories are key in this case. Miranda Kerr modernized hers with a streamlined roomy tote and right-on-trend mules, finishing off with fresh face and natural hair.

In Chinese: 单宁配单宁正流行。要玩转这个风潮,试试这些不同的搭配方法吧:方法一,把不同水洗色的牛仔单品搭配在一起,我个人喜欢把深色的穿在上面,下身穿浅色。方法二, 运用细节丰富层次感,比如在这两个造型里看到的拼接和破洞等。方法三也是我觉得最难的:同色的牛仔单品的搭配,对于这种很容易显得过时的搭配,配件的选择就很关键了,比如超模米兰达·可儿(Miranda Kerr)选择了简约的大容量手包、最夯的穆勒拖鞋和清新自然的妆发来增加年轻和时尚感。

spring summer 2014 outfit ideas; how to wear denim on denim,  Models off duty, Shirt: Bella Dahl Button Down Shirt (another great buy here) Lip: Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Pur Couture' Lip Color #023  Jeans: J Brand 910 Low Rise Skinny Jeans (also love this pair!)  Shoe: Miu Miu Leopard-print calf hair mules (also here; last seen on her here)  Bag: Saint Laurent Sac de Jour leather tote (great alternative here & here)  Sunglasses: Prada 54mm Cat Eye Sunglasses


Shirt: Bella Dahl (another great buy here)
Lip: YSL #023
Jeans: J Brand (also love this pair!)
Shoe: Miu Miu (also here, last seen on her here; very similar here)
Bag: Saint Laurent (great alternative here & here)
Sunglasses: Prada  (similar here)


White Pants, Two Ways

 Summer outfit ideas 2014, models off duty, celebrities airport style.

Photos: Miranda Kerr & Kendall Jenner; Courtesy of AKM-GSI, GC Images.

Crisp white pants can instantly make an outfit fresh and cool. You don’t need a perfect body to wear them, here is how to rock your white pants with confidence: For body hugging style like a pair of white skinny jeans, tie a shirt or cardigan around the waist to cover the butt area, where most of us are not comfortable with. It will come in handy when you enter a freezing air conditioned office or store. If you want a more relaxed look or need extra coverage around thigh area, this season’s sports trend is for you. Pick a pair of white cargo pants or joggers, balance the baggy shape with a fitted top. Last but not least, an eye-catching shoe will help draw attention away from your legs. The mules and sneakers/slippers seen on these two hot models are the most covetable styles this season, get your hands on before they are gone!

In Chinese: 清爽的白色裤装是夏日必备单品。很多人觉得白裤子很挑战身材,其实运用一些小的搭配技巧,没有好身材也能把白裤子穿出神采。比如最挑身材的白色紧身牛仔裤,在腰间系上一件牛仔衬衫或针织衫,既能盖住我们最在意的臀形,又能拉长腿部线条,在空调房里还能保暖。如果你对自己的大腿不满意,不太敢挑战紧身裤,那就试试这一季流行的运动风吧。挑选一条白色的运动裤,搭配上合身的上衣中和运动裤的松垮。另外,一双美鞋也能很好地分散腿部的注意力。这两位超模穿的穆勒鞋套穿运动鞋是这一季最红的两双,在售罄前快下手吧!

Summer outfit ideas 2014, models off duty, celebrities airport style.   Top: T by Alexander Wang Stripe Knit Tank (Miranda Kerr worn hers backwards!)  Shirt: Bella Dahl Button Down Shirt (the longer back design is much needed when wearing skinny white jeans! similar style here)  Lip: Bobbi Brown Lip Color  Jeans: DL1961 Angel Ankle Jeans ($88 here)  Bag: MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Large Selma' Zip-Top Satchel  Shoe: Miu Miu Leopard-Print Mules

Top: T by Alexander Wang (Miranda Kerr worn it backwards!)
Shirt: Bella Dahl (the longer back hem is much-needed when wearing white jeans! similar style here)
Lip: Bobbi Brown in ‘Hollywood Red’
Jeans: DL1961 ($88 here)
Bag: MICHAEL Michael Kors
Shoe: Miu Miu (also here; get your hands on before they’re gone! similar in hot mule style here)

Summer outfit ideas 2014, models off duty, celebrities airport style.    Top: Topshop Space Dye Knit Sweater in Grey  Lip: M·A·C Lipstick in 'Blankety' (the best nude lipstick ever!)  Pants: Topshop Rib Side Stripe Joggers  Sunglasses: Prada 54mm Cat Eye Sunglasses  Bag: Balenciaga Arena Classic City (also here; similar here)  Shoe: Miu Miu Metal Cap Toe Skate Sneaker

 Top: Topshop
Lip: M·A·C in ‘Blankety’ (the best nude lipstick ever!)
Pants: Topshop
Sunglasses: Prada (similar here)
Bag: Balenciaga (also here; similar here)
Shoe: Miu Miu (also seen on her here; similar here)