When rock meets romance: Valentino T-strap studded pumps

Back in 2010, when Kate Moss rocked her black simple yet sexy black pointed toe shoes with everything, this 90’s trend gets stronger and stronger. We can see a lot on 2012 spring/ summer runway.

While others are enthralled by this trend, I still stand away from it for the harshness and mature look until I saw these babies: the Valentino T-strap studded pumps. It has been two years but I couldn’t stop loving them.

Karmen Pedaru off-duty look

 See how this pair magically change this otherwise basic and plain outfit?  With 3 inches heels, these shoes are comfy yet stylish, fun and luxury. Despite steep price, they were still gone very fast. For those who still want to hunt, keep an eye on eBay just in case they pop out.

Valentino T-strap studded pumps

 My personal favorite color of these shoes is the signature Valentino red (romantic pink version here):

T-strap studded pumps in Valentino signature red

How cute is this flat version? Comfy and versatile low heel versions here and here.

Valentino T-strap flats

These shoes said so much to me: the strap reminds me of the opulent femininity which made Valentino stand out since the very beginning; The spikes and pointed toe shoes let me admire Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli as much as I admire legend Valentino.

Valentino once talked about Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli:”My first impression when I met them 10 years ago was of two people so different from each other who were able to create an incredibly strong union.”

Like the designers themselves, this pair of Valentino really brings back the classic and romance of the old Valentino while showing the modern and fashion-forward style from the new owners (well, they are not so new now). They are definitely timeless and will compliment any woman’s wardrobe.

Besides of them, I also like this one from YSL. Get it here.

YSL Ingenue High Heel Ankle Strap pumps

And these from Alexander McQueen (adore this pair):

Alexander McQueen T-strip Studded Pumps

Lola Cruz has one very similar but much affordable, get them at

Lola Cruz Women's 228Z30BK T-Strap Pump

This pair from Sam Edelma is also unique and adorable (another great style here):

Sam Edelman "Scarlet" Platform Pumps


By Helen Hou

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