Western Chic

Celebrity street style, western trend.Photos: Olivia Palermo; Courtesy of  instyle US, collage vintage.

I love how Olivia Palermo brought the western style to the center of the city: Instead of ankle boots that we normally choose for a western-inspired outfit, she opted for cutout sandals which elevated the look to another level. Her heavy fringed skirt and coordinated colors gave the look more sexy and sophisticated vibe.

In Chinese: 西部风很流行,但是要穿出时尚都会感很难。看看奥利维亚·巴勒莫 (Olivia Palermo)的这个造型吧!想到西部风,我们一般会选踝靴,但她的麂皮镂空凉鞋提升了整身造型的时尚感,同时巧妙地呼应了主题。流苏裙和优雅的色调也让这些原本粗犷的元素显得精致又性感。

Celebrity street style, western trend

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