Sporty Chic

Karolina Kurkova street style 2014Photo: Karolina Kurkova; Courtesy of Splash News.

Sports lux trend pushes the boundaries further. Beautifully designed sporty pieces with eye-catching details and luxurious materials deserve to see the lights outside of gym. A structured bag and sexy leather pencil skirt will help. If you want to go one step further, stash the sneakers, put on a pair of ankle strap heels, or keep the sneaker, change the jacket to a sharp blazer.

In Chinese: 奢华运动风进一步挑战着不同场合的穿着边界。这些设计精良、材质奢华、细节夺目的运动风单品只是在健身房穿也着实有些浪费。像超模卡罗莱娜·科库娃(Karolina Kurkova)这样把引领时尚运动风的阿迪达斯的防风衣篮球鞋配上性感的短皮裙挺括的邮差包,就可以去和闺蜜聚餐、逛街,在创意行业工作的人还可以穿去办公室。如果想多些都会感,可以把篮球鞋换成绑带高跟鞋,或者保留球鞋,换上西装外套

Karolina Kurkova street style 2014  featured: 1. Gryson Textured Leather Ruby Tophandle Crossbody (great alternative here)  2. Adidas Flocked Windbreaker Jacket   3. Adidas BASKET PROFI EAGLE SHOES (on sale!)  4. Ray-Ban 'New Large Wayfarer' 55mm Sunglasses  5. Sanctuary blogger skirt (also here; similar here)

1. Gryson crossbody bag (great style here)
2. Adidas windbreaker jacket
3. Adidas profi eagle shoes (on sale!)
4. Ray-Ban ‘wayfarer’ sunglasses
5. Sanctuary blogger skirt (also here; similar here)

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