Dec 262013
Leather Jacket, Four Ways

TweetPhotos: Miranda Kerr; Courtesy of, Like LBDs, every leather jacket has its own character, as well as the right occasion to wear: Fringed version has that toughened up urban bohemian vibe, great for getaways or downtown stroll; Quilted version exudes that classic motorcyble girl’s free spirit, great for everyday wear, especially charming when juxtaposed against exquisite evening dresses; Hooded one is sporty and youthful,

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Dec 242013
All Black Chic

TweetPhotos: Heidi Klum; Courtesy of, Having a 4 month-old son, I barely have time to get dressed. No-brainer black ensemble is my go-to. How to spicy it up, avoid that tired-mommy look? Two words: details and accessories. As showed on Heidi Klum above, the combination of denim/leather on her pants, the side buttons on her boots,

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Dec 212013
Floral Tops, Two Ways

TweetPhoto: Jessica Alba & Kyleigh Kuhn; Courtesy of; Bold floral pieces have the uplifting power. But how to make these Granny’s favorite modern and chic? Jessica Alba & Kyleigh Kuhn showed us in two different ways: Jessica Alba went for a more-is-more approach by pairing her floral pull over with a statement necklace and colored handbag. It works

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