Apr 022012

Azure blue is my all-time favorite color and I believe that I’m not alone: there are countless azure lovers. One of them impressed me most–do you remember Andy Sachs? The girl in the The Devil Wears Prada who wore a cerulean sweater? Her boss, the “devil” told us many things about this color, like:”that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs. ”

Well, I can guess how many dollars behind azure when I saw this bag on the street (picture from Glamour magazine):

Joanna Hillman in London Fashion Week

Yes! This is the Alexander Wang Prisma tote in beautiful azure blue. Available here and here:

Alexander Wang Prisma tote

The bright color instantly brightens up the whole outfit. The rhodium metal plates around the corners add a perfect amount of dazzle and edginess. The leather panels math her classic striped tee and give the look a clean line and structure feel.

Besides the eye-catching design, it’s also very functional and versatile: the color goes with almost everything and the size is big enough for you to throw everything in.

If you need a small version, here is the Prisma Tote’s younger sister: Marion Mini, also in stylish and versatile Azure blue. Get it here.

Alexander Wang ‘Marion’ bag

 When you choose a bag like this, you can keep your outfit simple and neutral. Let the bag do the talk:

Pair blue with neutrals

Or you can wear something more interesting: like orange pieces or patterned garments as the girl above did:

Pair blue with orange or patterns 

Among other affordable versions, I like the two below, get them here and here:

Ann Taylor city bag

J.Crew Edie purse

Are you an azure lover? How do you pair blue bags? Welcome to share!