Summer Shorts: Distressed Denim & Ankle Boots (Part II)

how to wear distressed denim shorts; summer outfit ideas;Featured Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie with ankle boots, leopard print top, black bag, white pleated top, balenciaga bag, aviator sunglasses, Jimmy Choo solar studded hobo bag, Isabel Marant.Photos: Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie; Courtesy of,

In part two of our “Summer Shorts” series, I want to talk about a specific catalog of the beloved denim shorts — the distressed ones. The worn out look lends more carefree, edgy and relaxed vibe to our outfit.

It’s such a versatile piece that can be worn year round and paired with almost anything: With an animal print top as seen on Heidi Klum (above left) for an edgy, adventurous look; With a retro pleated high neck top as seen on Nicole Richie (above right) for an urban bohemian look; With an ethnic graphic sweatshirt for a globetrotter girl look; Or with a silk striped blouse for a city chic look, and the list goes on… When temperature drops, top it off  with a leather jacket or structured coat, as Alexa Chung did here.

When it comes to accessories, ankle boots, studded belt, hobo bag, aviator sunglasses are it’s best friends. They echo the edgy, relaxed and youthful vibe of distressed denim, great for a feminine meets masculine look.

how to wear distressed denim shorts; summer outfit ideas;how to wear ankle boots;   On Heidi Klum: leopard print top, distressed denim shorts, Isabel Marant The Dicker suede ankle boots, Jimmy Choo solar studded hobo bag,studded belt;  Alternatives: 1. Dorothy PerkinsAnimal print tee,  2. Equipment Diem Tie Front Shirt in Natural Leopard,  3. Rag & Bone/JEAN The Cutoff Shorts,  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Oversized Sunglasses,  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca Tote Bag,  6. ASOS Mixed Stud Skinny Waist Belt,  7. Isabel Marant The Dicker suede ankle boots,

1. Dorothy animal print tee
2. Equipment tie front shirt (on sale)
3. Rag & Bone/JEAN shorts (similar here)
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized sunglasses
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs tote (also here; on Heidi here)
6. ASOS stud belt ($8)
7. Isabel Marant ankle boots (great alternative here & here) 

how to wear distressed denim shorts; summer outfit ideas;how to wear ankle boots;   On Nicole Richie: white pleated high neck top, distressed denim shorts, black ankle boots, studded belt, balenciaga motorcycle bag;  Alternatives:  1. HIGH 'Allure' sleeveless blouse,  2. Ray-Ban Aviator Original sunglasses, 3. Rag & Bone/JEAN The Mila Shorts ,  4. House of Harlow 1960 Horseshoe Bangle, 5. MANGO Studded slim belt, 6. Sam Edelman Petty Suede Booties,  7. Balenciaga Classic Town Bag,

1. High sleeveless blouse (similar here)
2. Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses (on sale here)
3. Rag & Bone/JEAN shorts ($29 here!)
4. House of Harlow 1960 bangle
5. Mango studded belt
6. Sam Edelman suede booties (also here; featured here)
7. Balenciaga Classic Town bag (great alternative here & here)