Sunday Craving outfit ideas 2014 featured tibi faux-leather skirt, Valentino jelly Sandal, Carven kiwi-prints, Espadrille Flats and striped tunic   This Sunday in my mind: vacation, vacation, vacation! Whether a weekend well spent at MoMA, a sunny afternoon lolling by the pool or a dream getaway in Paris!

In Chinese: 这个周末渴望的是度假、度假、度假!无论是静心看场画展、躺在泳池畔读本好书,还是梦想中的巴黎之行…

Staycation: Tibi mesh skirt & Ivanka Trump bootie (also here)
Pool party: Lemlem gauze tunic & Steven espadrilles (more colors here)
Dream getaway: Valentino jelly sandals (also here) & Carven skirt (how adorable!)

By Helen Hou

I'm Helen. In the huge fashion world, what attracts me the most is the way different people accessorize themselves. Our daily outfit choices are not just about the pieces we pick, they relate to something lurking deeply within our hearts: how we feel about ourselves, how we express ourselves to the rest of the world, what kind of people do we want to be and what kind of life do we want to live. Following my passion for fashion, I immerse myself in this bizarre world and try my best to share what I learned with you!