Kate Crush

Royal Style, Office Outfits, Formal Wear, colored coats, clutches,spring/summer,Photos: Duchess of Cambridge; Courtesy of

I have a girl crush on Kate. Sorry, Kate moss’ fans, I mean the Duchess of Cambridge. Probably I had my first son the same month Kate Middleton did, or probably every girl has a Cinderella’s dream.

She has the ability to make trends her own while being status-appropriate. This coat by Alexander McQueen is graceful and elegant yet trendy and flirty thanks to the fresh right-in color and peplum detail.

In Chinese: 我承认我是个凯特迷。凯特莫斯的粉丝们,对不起了,我指的是凯特王妃。可能因为我们在同一个月升级成了母亲,迎来了自己生命里的小王子,对她当母亲以后的生活就格外关注,更多可能因为每个女孩的心里多多少少都有个水晶鞋的梦想吧。

凯特王妃总是可以不露痕迹、用她的独特的凯特风格得体地展现流行风潮。比如这件来自王妃喜欢的品牌亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen) 的刍纱外套,经典的款式结合了当季最流行的颜色和女人味的荷叶边装饰,优雅又抢眼。

Royal Style, Office Outfits, Formal Wear, colored coats,  1. Alexander McQueen belted crepe coat (similar here & here)  2. Arabella    Sterling Silver Earrings, Blue and White Swarovski Zirconia Cushion Cut Earrings  3. Jimmy Choo 'Abel' Pump (similar here & here)  4. Stuart Weitzman ‘Muse’ clutch (on sale!)

1. Alexander McQueen coat (similar here)
2. Arabella  earrings
3. Jimmy Choo pump (similar here & here)
4. Stuart Weitzman clutch (on sale!)

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