Apr 052012

Do you believe a luxury brand can grow and bloom during wars when it’s even hard for people to stay safe? Well, Coco Chanel believes and her business grew strongly during the First World War.

In her opinion, women should carry themselves well and look good to support their husbands, I think what more important is to support women themselves when they were going through tough times.

It applies to today’s women too. As the center of a family, as a member of an organization, women should keep optimistic, stay strong. That’s what I feel when I saw this bright sunny yellow bag (picture from Instyle.co.uk):

Kate Moss in London

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Apr 042012

Back in 2010, when Kate Moss rocked her black simple yet sexy black pointed toe shoes with everything, this 90’s trend gets stronger and stronger. We can see a lot on 2012 spring/ summer runway.

While others are enthralled by this trend, I still stand away from it for the harshness and mature look until I saw these babies: the Valentino T-strap studded pumps. It has been two years but I couldn’t stop loving them.

Karmen Pedaru off-duty look

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Apr 022012

Azure blue is my all-time favorite color and I believe that I’m not alone: there are countless azure lovers. One of them impressed me most–do you remember Andy Sachs? The girl in the The Devil Wears Prada who wore a cerulean sweater? Her boss, the “devil” told us many things about this color, like:”that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs. ”

Well, I can guess how many dollars behind azure when I saw this bag on the street (picture from Glamour magazine):

Joanna Hillman in London Fashion Week

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